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GHT 210 Full Day low Cost Budget Student Excursion Tour to Hell's Gate National Park

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Hells Gate National Park Full Day Trip from Nairobi explores Hell's Gate National Park, the only National Park in Kenya which visitors are free to leave their vehicle and walk in the Park. Hell's Gate National Park is an ideal student for a day trip from Nairobi 

Hell's Gate National Park is famous for its natural hot geysers, eagle and vulture breeding grounds, visitors have the choice of driving, walking, camping, cycling and rock-climbing within the park. Horseback safaris can also be arranged. Hell's Gate National Park special locations to view include: Fischer's Tower, formerly a volcano's plug, the Central Tower and Njorowa Gorges.  

Two extinct volcanoes: Olkaria and Hobley's are worth a trip. Natural steam vents rise from fissures in the volcanic rock. Obsidian, a striking black glassy rock formed from cooled molten lava is a feature of this landscape. Game to view includes: buffalo, Masai Giraffe, eland, Coke's Hartebeest, lion, leopard and some cheetah.

Hell's Gate National Park Tour departs Nairobi at with packed lunch. The journey takes a drive down the Great Rift Valley stopping at the viewpoint for photography. You then continue on to get to Hell's Gate National Park.



GHT 211 Cheap Budget Student Excursion Tour to Lake Nakuru National Park

This cheap budget student excursion tour  begins with a drive to the floor of the Rift Valley from Nairobi while stopping on the way to admire and marvel the breathtaking views of the escarpment along the way. We arrive at the Lake Nakuru National Park in time for a mid-morning game drive. Lunch is at the Lake Nakuru Lodge or similar. On the way out of the park and back to Nairobi, we have another short game drive.

What to Expect.

  • Flamingo (Greater and Lesser at the moment not many) and other water birds including a variety of terrestrial birds numbering about 450 species in total.
  • Mammals: 56 different species including white rhinos,waterbuck etc.
  • View-points: Lion hill, Baboon cliff and Out of Africa
  • Hills: Enasoit, Honeymoon, Lion hill ridge etc
  • Waterfalls: Makalia.
  • Unique vegetation: About 550 different plant species including the unique and biggest euphorbia forest in Africa, Picturesque landscape and yellow acacia woodlands.


GHT 954: 3 Days Affordable Budget Longongot Trekking | Hell's Gate Walking Adventures

Day 1: Nairobi – Mt. Longonot - Naivasha
This affordable budget Longonot trekking and Hell's Gate walking adventures departs Nairobi with picnic lunch boxes for Mt Longonot National Park going through the Kikuyu lush green highlands and then on the eastern escarpment of the rift valley system. You will make a scheduled brief stop at the view point on the side of the escarpment to enjoy the view of the Rift valley floor from a bird’s eye view. The rift valley system was formed 5 million years ago and the rift runs from the red sea through Ethiopia and Kenya and Tanzania. The rift valley is an active volcanic area and has some of the most interesting features including more than 8 lakes, dormant and active volcanic mountains and hotsprings and geysers like the Olkaria geothermal wells and Lake Bogoria geysers. You can actually see the volcanic Mt Suswa and Mt Longonot from this high place with their evergreen craters and the undulating green rift valley floor. The view from here is just amazing. Make sure to take as many photos from here as you can. Drop into the rift valley and arrive at the Mt Longonot national park for your Hike up to the crater. The hike requires medium physical fitness and you will climb through the gulleys that dot the sides of this mountain. You will have a guide and you can make some rest stops at the designated places on the trek. You will get to the rim of the crater and look into the awesome crater below. If you have the strength for it, you can go round the rim of the crater.
Picnic lunch will be at a convenient place then descend from the Longonot Mountain for the base at the park headquarters. After a successful descent, drive to Naivasha for dinner and overnight stay at the camp.

Day 2: Hells Gate National Park
After breakfast, we drive to Hells gate National park with our packed lunch for a full day walk or optionally cycling. We hike up the vulture-inhabited cliffs and to the gorge, down a dry/wet river bed to the sulphurous hot springs. The walk takes you through Hells Gate National Park, past herds of Zebras, Kongonis, Giraffes and Warthogs. The variety species of bird life should not be missed.
Our picnic lunch is in the Park and back to our camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Hells Gate National Park – Nairobi
After breakfast, You will optionally enjoy a boat ride the shining waters of Lake Naivasha or just rest and relax at the camp. After lunch, drive back to Nairobi arriving early evening to end your walking adventures.

GHT 920: 4 Days Mount Kenya Budget Climbing Expeditions, Trekking Mount Kenya { Sirimon Route}

This Mount Kenya Trek Sirimon Route 4 days is much more scenic than Naromoru and it is on the drier side of Mt Kenya which offers some of the finest walking. Climb up through forest into a wide ridge approach to the summit area. sirimon route climbing expedition starts on the northwest side of the mountain near Nanyuki. Access is adequate and the bunk house facilities are the best on this side of the mountain.
Day 1: Nairobi | Sirimon | Judmier Camp (Old Moses Camp) 3-4 hrs, 9km, 860m ascent
Leave Nairobi in the morning taking about 3 hours to Nanyuki town for lunch. Proceed to Sirimon Gate, 1 hr, 2440m. From the gate follow the track as it winds uphill though the forest which becomes heath land after about 3 hrs. About 3½ hours from the gate the track veers right to Judmier Camp, 3300m for dinner and overnight, L, D

Day 2: Judmier Camp | Shipton Camp 6-7hrs, 14km, 900m ascent
After breakfast, follow the track uphill, forking left at the junction. After one hour from Old Moses Camp, the track crosses Ontulili River. Go right contouring through the Moorland and crossing Liki North and continue uphill to Mackinders Valley from where there are panoramic views up the valley towards the main peaks. Dinner and overnight at Shipton Camp, 4200m, B,L,D

Day 3: Shipton Camp | Point Lenana | Judmaier Camp (Old Moses Camp) 9-10hrs, 21km
Leave at 3am up a steep stony quarry that cuts through a cliff clearing visible part towards lower Hall Tarns arriving point Lenana at 6:30am, taking about 3hrs. After the sunrise, descend down to Shipton Camp, 2hrs, for breakfast and further, 4hrs, down to Old Moses Camp for dinner and overnight, B,L,D

Day 4: Judmaier Camp | Sirimon | Nairobi 2-3hrs, 9km
After breakfast, walk down through the rainforest for 2 hours to connect with your transport vehicle back to Nairobi, B, L


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