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Welcome to Kenya and East Africa

Kenya Tanzania and Uganda are some of the richest countries in Africa in terms of natural resources including wildlife, forests, lakes and mountains. Valleys that include the Great Rift Valley traverse the three countries creating spectacular sights that are not easily forgotten.

On this wonderful scene is Great Horizon Trails, a tour and information company that seeks to deliver value-added safaris to the enterprising tourist. Having a wide array of tailor-made tours and safaris that suits every occasion, run by experienced and well trained professional tour operators and backed by a network across the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Great Horizon Trails meets all your travel requirements.

The vehicles that take the various clients on safari are comprehensively insured, the aero planes that are chartered for special interest groups meet all the international standards and the Flying Doctor Service is available for those who have not taken medical insurance at home.

Africa is a continent of diverse peoples and races speaking a myriad languages separated by culture yet having a common parentage over vast distances. An example is the Maasai and the Samburu in Kenya, although they are separated by a distance of over three hundred kilometers these famous people that have stuck to their culture have a common ancestry and speak the same language. Great Horizon Trails offers our clients the opportunity to interact with these ancient people previously only known from the history books. Come and learn a few words of greeting in the local dialect even as you embrace a part of their culture

Some of the most popular safaris are those that take our clientele to: -

The world famous Maasai Mara Game Park with its millions of wildlife, especially during the migration of the wildebeest in June/July and August of each year.

The Samburu National Park with its peculiar species that include the "antelope giraffe" or the gerenuk and also home to the "Kamuniak" - the famed lioness that adopted antelopes looking after them as one would look after its cubs!

The Mount Kenya and its hiking routes including the Naro Moru Trek, The Sirimon Route Hike and the Chogoria circumnavigation

Lake Victoria in Western Kenya with its unexploited potential which includes fishing trips to Takawiri Island, Bird Watching on Rusinga Island, Hiking on Ramogi Hill and Cultural Visits to local places that are rich in fork lore and legend.

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